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Template usage and quota on the Carbone Cloud API

What is a Template ?

A template is a re-usable file with Carbone tags (placeholders), used to injects data and generate documents!
To generate documents, two elements are required: a template (created from your text editor) and a JSON data-set (the data injected to generate the report).

When you subscribe to a plan, it is possible to store templates through two Carbone services: Cloud API or Cloud Studio. A plan will give you storage quota for many templates. If additional templates are uploaded, they are charged at the billing period's end.

How to store Templates

Store templates on Carbone Cloud Studio

Uploaded templates through Carbone Studio are stored for an unlimited time, and you will be able to
Preview and Design report.
Manage templates with versioning and labeling.
Use template IDs to generate reports through the Carbone Cloud API.
Access templates in Carbone Account (listing and download only).

Store templates on Carbone Cloud API

When you request the API with the:
Production Token: Templates are stored for an unlimited time by default. It is possible to upload a non-persistent template that will be deleted automatically by adding the header carbone-template-delete-after with days in seconds (86400s = 1 day, max 30 days).
Test Token: Templates are non-persistent and will be deleted automatically within 30 days. The duration can be reduced by passing the header carbone-template-delete-after with days in seconds (86400s = 1 day, max 30 days). Non-persistent are counted on the total number of stored templates given by your subscription. Once a template is automatically deleted, a template storage slot becomes free.

Note: uploaded templates through the API are:
accessible in Carbone Account (listing and download only).
not accessible in Carbone Cloud Studio.

How to delete templates

Manually on your Account > Manage template > delete one or all of your templates.
Manually on Carbone Cloud Studio.
Programmatically through the Carbone Cloud API
If you cancel your subscription: All of your templates will be deleted within 30 days.
if you delete your account: All of your templates are deleted instantaneously.

Supported template types

Carbone accepts only XML-based templates:

Note: Carbone can generate many reports formats, learn about the supported files and features list.

If you need to store templates and render reports on your own infrastructure, reach us on the chat to access Carbone On-premise 🚀

Updated on: 01/26/2024

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