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Free Plan

Free Plan

Subscribe to the Free plan and use the production API key: you will be able to generate 100 documents per months and store 100 templates for free. If you need more reports, you can upgrade to an higher plan 🚀

You can access 2 services:

Carbone Cloud Studio

Design templates and preview unlimited PDF reports without watermark!
Upload and store 100 templates: The studio can store and manage template versions. Once you are satisfied with your template design, you can copy-paste its id and use it with Carbone Cloud API in production.

Link to Carbone Studio:

Carbone Cloud API

Generate documents through the Cloud API with the production API key, it provides:
100 Documents generation
100 Templates upload

If you use the test API key, it provides:
Unlimited PDF generation (Only PDF format with a watermark)
Unlimited Templates upload, templates are non persistent, and automatically deleted within 30 days.


How to design a template ?
Integrate the Render API on your application
Building a template logic and detailed documentation
Supported files and feature list
Style guide to design a template
List of tutorials

Feel free to reach us on the chat, we will answer your technical questions and help you design templates.

Cheers 🍻 - The Carbone Team

Updated on: 01/26/2024

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