Free Plan

By creating an account, the free plan is enabled by default for testing and integrating Carbone.
Now you can access:

Carbone Studio

Design and preview reports, preview unlimited PDF reports without watermark! Only 2 templates can be uploaded.
The studio can store and manage template versions. Once you are satisfied with your template design, you can copy-paste its id and use it with Carbone Render in production.
Link to Carbone Studio:

Carbone Render API

Generate reports through the Render API with the test API key, it includes:
Generate unlimited watermarked PDF reports (file format limited to PDF)
Templates upload is unlimited, templates are non persistent, and automatically deleted within 30 days. It is possible to choose the deletion date when you add a template with POST Pass header { "carbone-version":3, "carbone-template-delete-after":86400 } with days in seconds (86400 is one day, maximum 30 days). Click to learn more about template storage.
Install Carbone SDKs to integrate and request the API in few lines of codes.

If you need to generate any type of documents or PDFs without watermarks, you can subscribe to the Sandbox Plan and use the production API key: you will be able to generate 100 reports per months and store 100 templates for free. If you need more reports, you can upgrade to an higher plan 🚀


How to design a template ?
Integrate the Render API on your application
Building a template logic and detailed documentation
Supported files and feature list
Style guide to design a template
List of tutorials

Feel free to reach us on the chat, we will answer your technical questions and help you design templates.

Cheers 🍻 - The Carbone Team
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