What is a legacy plan ?

If your subscription has the label API & Studio Legacy Plan it means you were subscribe to our first version of Carbone API or Carbone Studio plans.
We listened to your feedback, and we deployed a major update Carbone Account v2.0.0! 🎉

Discover the new shiny (and pretty from my opinion) interface: https://account.carbone.io

What changed and what is new ?

Previous plans are simplified and merged: you are subscribe to one plan, one invoice per month/year, and that's it! If you were subscribe to Carbone Render API and Carbone Studio, now it is one subscription API & Studio Plan 🥳
Now you can manage templates of the API and Studio from your account. You have now a storage space for your templates (click to learn more).
Templates added through the Render API are persistent by default: 1 template added = 1 template stored for an unlimited time on your storage space. It is possible to make templates non persistent by adding a header { "carbone-version":3, "carbone-template-delete-after": 86400} with days in seconds, 86400 is one day (max 30 days).
Legacy plans are customized based on the number of templates you have uploaded, and we added a bonus quantity offered by the team. 🎁
API Usage Analytics: from Carbone Account, you can get the usage of the API by days/weeks/months in real time! Performances stats are coming. 📊
You can choose your password if you want to change it, and it must be a pretty strong one 💪
Email verification ✅
Billing - SEPA payment are now available!
Billing - you can define a billing email to receive future invoices.
Billing - Invoices are directly available on your account.
New Interface and better overall experience of Carbone Account. 🦄

What did not changed ?

Your actual subscription flat fee & extra credit fee (if you had two subscription, the legacy plan is the total price)
Your quantity of credits (previously known as "render")
Your API keys (Prod/Test)
Your templates
Your users
Your discount (if you had one)

You got questions? Feel free to reach us on the chat

Cheers 🍻 - The Carbone Team
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