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Legacy Plans

What is a legacy plan ?

If your subscription has the label API & Studio Legacy Plan it means you were subscribe to our first version of Carbone API or Carbone Studio plans.
Previous plans are unified: now you are subscribed to one plan, it will generate one invoice per month/year, and that's it!
Your subscription gives you access to two Carbone Cloud services: Carbone Cloud API and Carbone Cloud Studio 🥳

The new pricing is available on your account.
You can either keep your actual Legacy subscription, or you can migrate to the new pricing.

How to migrate to a new Carbone plan ?

From your account, you can change your plan, it will be considered has an Upgrade : The price is prorated, the new plan is charged with a discount based on the unused time on the current subscription.

What changed and what is new ?

Carbone Render API is renamed Carbone Cloud API.
Carbone Studio is renamed Carbone Cloud Studio.
You plan gives you a storage space for your templates. From your account, you can manage your storage space with all your templates uploaded through the API and Studio. Click to learn more about template storage.
Templates added through the Render API are persistent by default: 1 template added = 1 template stored for an unlimited time on your storage space. It is possible to make templates non persistent by adding the header to your HTTP requests { "carbone-version":4, "carbone-template-delete-after": 86400} with days in seconds, 86400 is one day (max 30 days).
Legacy plans are customized based on the number of templates you have uploaded, and we added a bonus quantity offered by the team. 🎁
API Usage Analytics: from your account, you can follow the API usage by days/weeks/months in real time! Performances stats are coming. 📊
Billing - SEPA payment are now available!
Billing - you can define a billing email to receive future invoices.
Billing - Invoices are directly available on your account.
Account - Email verification ✅
Account - You can change your password, and it must be a pretty strong one 💪
Account - New Interface and better overall experience, discover the new shiny interface: 🦄

What did not changed ?

Your actual subscription flat fee & extra document fee (if you had two subscription, the legacy plan is the total price)
Your Documents quota (previously known as "credit" or "render")
Your API keys (Prod/Test)
Your templates
Your users
Your discount (if you had one)

You got questions? Feel free to reach us on the chat

Cheers 🍻 - The Carbone Team

Updated on: 04/08/2024

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