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Subscribe to Carbone Cloud

Subscribe to Carbone Cloud

Subscribing to a Carbone Plan result in:
Access to the Carbone Cloud API with a production API Key to Cloud document in any formats.
Access to a Carbone Cloud API analytics, available on the home page of Carbone account
Access to a Carbone Studio and share access to multiple users (if included in your plan).
Access to a storage space for persistent and ephemera templates
A number of credit for generating documents during a monthly or yearly period.
A monthly/yearly billing period (monthly or yearly)
Extra credits/templates are charged and credits are reset at the end of the billing period. Extra templates will be charged for each billing period if you don't delete on your own.

For subscribing, visit the Plans page on your Carbone account and select a plan.

Notes: From your Carbone account, it is possible to subscribe or to change your plan. It is not possible to change a monthly subscription into a yearly billing period and vice-versa, you must cancel your actual subscription and choose a new plan. 🔒 Payments are encrypted and secured with Stripe.

Upgrade your subscription
Downgrade your subscription
Cancel your subscription

Updated on: 12/14/2022

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