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Downgrade a Carbone Cloud subscription

Downgrade a Carbone Cloud subscription

Downgrading a subscription result in:
The new subscription starts a new billing period
The unused time of the actual subscription is not refund
Extra Documents of the actual subscription are charged and reset for the new billing period
The test and production API keys remain the same

For downgrading, visit the Plans page on your Carbone account and select a plan. It is not possible to change a monthly subscription into a yearly billing period and vice-versa, you must cancel your actual subscription and choose a new plan.

Downgrade Example

If a customer downgrade from a Medium plan subscription at €96.00 per month to a Light plan subscription at €65.00 per month with 3000 extra documents and 5 extra templates, and assuming the change occurred halfway through the billing period, the customer is billed:
€65.00 for the Light plan subscription.
€6.00 for extra documents (3000 x €0.002)
€0.00 for extra templates
Total (before tax):

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Updated on: 01/26/2024

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