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Carbone On-AWS

Carbone On-AWS

Take control of your document generations within your AWS infrastructure with Carbone On-AWS. This solution mirrors the Carbone Cloud API, offering the following advantages:

Secure AWS Instance: Run on your private AWS VPC, meeting all your security requirements. Template files, datasets, and generated documents remain within your infrastructure.
Offline Operation: Operate without internet access, ensuring data privacy.
Quick Installation: Set up in minutes for immediate use.
Flexible Payment: Pay according to your usage, with billing conveniently available on your AWS account.
Enterprise-Grade Features: Harness all enterprise features, including dynamic images, colors, barcodes, aggregators, HTML rendering, and more.
Stateless and Lightweight Carbone Studio Version: Design templates and get a live preview of documents from a streamlined version of Carbone Studio with basic authentication.
Extensibility with JS Plugins: Customize your experience by adding JavaScript plugins to override storage, authentication, and formatters.
SLA support: Receive top-notch support with Service Level Agreement (SLA) coverage, ensuring peace of mind.
Continuous Updates: Stay ahead with all incoming updates, ensuring your Carbone On-premise is always up-to-date.

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Elevate your report generation on AWS with Carbone On-AWS.

Updated on: 03/05/2024

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