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Carbone v4.3.0 - News september 2022

Hi / Bonjour 👋

September announcement: Carbone version 4.3.0 is out 🎉

Update to the latest version

Carbone Cloud API users: insert the header "carbone-version":"4". Just 4 is enough to access the latest version, not 4.3.0.
Carbone Cloud Studio: On the top right of the home page, click on the settings button > Click on "Carbone Version" > Select 4.x.x.

What's new ?

🚀 ADDED - Delete element with drop
Use the :drop formatter to delete elements from a document, such as {d.image:ifEM:drop(image)} to delete an image. It can be a paragraph, a table row, an image, a shape and charts! You won't have to use anymore showBegin/showEnd except for deleting a group of content, such as a whole page. Learn more:
Drop documentation
Tutorial to hide paragraphs, images, one or multiple rows, shapes, or charts.

On the following template example, the Order date row is deleted if the orderDate value is empty:
ODT template edited with LibreOffice

🚀 ADDED: Accepts dynamic parameters in array filters, with infinite path depth.
Filters were limited to maximum 2 depth objects, now unlimited depth can be defined, such as:
{d.subArray[.sub.b.c = 1].text}: filter using infinite object path depth. Alternative syntax without a dot is also accepted ({d.subArray[sub.b.c = 1]}) for backward compatibility
{d.subArray[i = .sub.b.c].text}: filter using dynamic values on the right operand
{d.subArray[i = ..parent.qty].text}: filter using dynamic values from parent objects on the right operand
{d.subArray[.sub.b.c = ..parent.qty].text}: filter using complex path for the left and right operand in the same time

FIXED - Carbone parsing with chained formatters
When empty string are used between two single quotes. Ex. {d.text:print(''):print('HIGK LMN')} prints as expected HIGK LMN instead of HIGKLMN

⚡️ IMPROVED - ODS templates support loops of dynamic images
Setting the image anchor "To cell" is required.

Get all details with examples on the changelog.
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Cheers 🍻 - David, Guillaume and Steeve

Updated on: 09/12/2022

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