Community Edition

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Enterprise Edition

2022 Q1 - Q2

✅ Carbone Account: new simplified billing and invoicing system
✅ Carbone Render/Studio/On-premise: Dynamic charts for DOCX and ODT documents > The Beta v4.0.0 is available!
✅ Carbone Render/Studio/On-premise: New aggregators formatters > The Beta v4.0.0 is available!
[WIP] Carbone Studio v3.0.0
[WIP] Carbone Core: No-code alternative syntax
[WIP] Enterprise Edition: On-click deploy on AWS

Later 2022
Carbone Core: New advanced error management
SOC2, HIPAA, HDS certifications
Digital PDF signatures
Factur-x standard

The roadmap is flexible and based on the latest user feedback. If you need something or got questions, reach the team on chat or by email:
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