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Carbone v4.0.0 Beta is here - News April 2022

Hi / Bonjour friends πŸ‘‹

This month we invite you to test the Beta for the newest version of Carbone: v4.0.0. πŸŽ‰
After carefully listening to your feedback, we made Carbone more powerful than ever (and that's only the beginning). As always, we value future-proof and sustainability, the version is fully backward compatible with all of your templates.

What's new ?

πŸ“Š Dynamic charts for ODT and DOCX templates. Charts can be created natively from your text editor, or by inserting advance beautiful charts with echarts as images. (Enterprise Edition Only)
⚑️ Aggregator formatters for arrays: aggSum, aggAvg, aggMin, aggMax, aggCount ! You don't have to pre-compute values anymore (Enterprise Edition Only)
🚩 Improved Syntax Errors
πŸ¦„ Bugs fixed

Usage examples and details are available on the changelog.

Enterprise Edition Services: Carbone Render API, Carbone Studio or Carbone On-premise


The beta is available only through the Carbone Render API. When requesting the API, add the header "carbone-version":"4-beta".
Don't use the Beta into your production environment.

Report a bug

If you find something not working, unexpected behavior for charts or aggregators, reach us on the chat or by email
Follow us on twitter or Linkedin to get news and updates.

Cheers 🍻 - David, Guillaume & Steeve

If you’re new to Carbone and want to try out our new functionality right away, you can get started with CarboneJS on Github (and, as always, ⭐️ are appreciated!) or create a free account to get started with Carbone Render API (100 renders/months for free πŸš€).

Updated on: 05/12/2022

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