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Template ID changed in Carbone Studio

Why the Template ID changed?

When uploading a template to Carbone Studio, the template ID is computed from its content using SHA256 hash. If you update a template to a new version, the previous file is replaced, leading to a new template ID.

For templates used in document generation via Carbone Cloud API, the previous version won't be visible in Carbone Studio but remains accessible through the API and listed in your account. This is a deliberate security measure to ensure the provisioned version is not deleted, preventing disruptions to production applications generating documents. This approach maintains the integrity of document generation in live environments. If you want to make change to a template used for production, it is recommended to create new Template version, learn more about versioning.

2024 Evolution

In 2024, users can expect an important improvement: Fixed Template IDs. This means that even if you modify a template, the Template ID remains constant. This update simplifies version control, eliminating the need to update Template IDs in production applications every time a template is edited.

Updated on: 03/06/2024

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