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How to enable "live-reload" on Carbone Studio?

Live-reload functionality might not be accessible in your browser if the Studio shows the error message "⚠️ Live-reload not available". Enable the feature by using Google Chrome. If you don't have Chrome, you must to upload the local Template file on Carbone Studio each time you make changes to the file, then the Document preview will be refreshed.

Carbone Studio Live-Reload

This feature enables the Studio to actively monitor any changes made to a template during uploads or downloads from your computer. As soon as a file change is detected, it automatically triggers a re-upload, allowing for real-time preview of the document in PDF format within the interface. This live reloading feature empowers users to seamlessly design and edit templates using their preferred text editor, with Carbone Studio automatically reloading and generating the document in real-time.

How to enable live-reload?

Open an existing Template in Carbone Studio, or create a new Template
Upload or download the template file. Any changes made to the file in your text editor will be reflected instantly in Carbone Studio.

How to disable live-reload?

The live-reload feature is automatically disabled under the following conditions:

Another template is open in Carbone Studio.
Carbone Studio is closed.
Refresh the web page
Your laptop is either turned off or in sleep mode

Browser compatibility

The live-reload may not be available for your browser. If you encounter the error message ⚠️ Live-reload not available on the interface, it indicates that this feature is not supported by your browser.

❌ UnsupportedFirefoxWhen you make a change on your local Template file, you must re-upload it, and it will refresh the Document preview.
❌ UnsupportedSafariWhen you make a change on your local Template, you must re-upload it, and it will refresh the Document preview.
✅ SupportedGoogle Chrome/
✅ SupportedEdge/
✅ SupportedOpera/
✅ SupportedVivaldi/
✅ SupportedBraveBrowser action required to enable live-reload, follow the tutorial

Use Google Chrome for a smooth and full Carbone Studio experience

Updated on: 03/25/2024

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