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Is there fixed template ID ? Webhooks notification when a template is edited ?

Summary: Enhancements Coming to Carbone API in 2024: Fixed Template IDs and Webhooks notifications

Fixed Template IDs

Currently, when a template is edited, its content changes, causing the Template ID to also change (a SHA256 hexadecimal hash). In 2024, users can expect an important improvement: Fixed Template IDs. This means that even if you modify a template, the Template ID remains constant. This update simplifies version control, eliminating the need to update Template IDs in production applications every time a template is edited.

Webhooks for Real-time Notifications

Additionally, Carbone API plans to incorporate Webhooks to provide real-time notifications about changes to Template IDs or Fixed Template IDs. This feature enables users to seamlessly integrate the Carbone API with their services, ensuring immediate awareness of any modifications to templates.

Updated on: 03/01/2024

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