When rendering reports through Carbone Cloud API & Studio, it is possible to receive error messages and it is due to design issue inside the template.

If one of the following error occurs, read the Style Guide checklist.

List of common errors:
Error: could not open document : The generated document is corrupted due to a design issue, it can come from tags, loops, formatters, conditional blocks, dynamic colors, or dynamic pictures.
Error: Cannot read property 'position' of undefined : It is most of the time a loop issue, probably a missing [i] or [i+1]. To learn more about loops: https://carbone.io/documentation.html#repetitions
Error: 'part2start' of null: Loop issue or conditional block issue when using "showBegin/showEnd" or "hideBegin/hideEnd"
Error: Formatter "imageFit" does not exist. Do you mean "int"?: This error occurs when a formatter is either misspell or the formatter is not available on the Carbone version you are trying to use. In this case, imageFit is only available on the version 3 of Carbone.

The Carbone team is working actively to improve the error management in 2022 with explicit and accurate messages.
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