Inserting page break without an extra blank page

To insert a page break between each repetition section, you have two options:

A - Insert a page break within the repetition section
B - Or use paragraph options of Word to insert a page break before each new paragraph

Example A - page break

Template with page break

With the first option, the page break is repeated by the loop. So the last repeated part will contain a page break, which generates a blank page at the end of the report.

Here is the result:

{ "id": 1 },
{ "id": 100 }

Result with blank page

Example B - page break before paragraph

To avoid the blank page at the end of the report, we recommend to insert a page break before the first paragraph.

Page break before paragraph

How to do this?

Select the first paragraph in your template
Right-click -> Paragraph...
Check the option "Page break before":

Page break before option

Here is the result:

Result with page break before paragraph
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