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How to configure local in charts

How to configure number printing in chats with DOCX template ?

Currently, if you wish to format the digits of a chart in "Number" format, the chart language is not affected by the Carbone configuration. Here's what you get with lang = fr :
lang with charts
Chart is always rendered with English (US) format 😭

However, you can force numbers to be formatted by configuring the format in your docx template.

To do this :
- on your chart, right-click to select axes or labels, then enter in the corresponding format settings menu
- expand the "Number" section
- Insert the following string in "Format Code" (fr_FR for this example), as below :
[$-fr-FR,100]# ###,00

charts format settings
- don't forget to click on "Add"

Et voilà, your numbers are correctly displayed 🎉

chart numbers fixed

Updated on: 02/29/2024

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