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What is a credit?

Everything about Credits

What is a credit?

A credit, previously known as "render", is a unit for generating reports through the Carbone Cloud API.
A plan gives you access to a number of credits to consume during a billing period (monthly/yearly).
One credit is consumed when:
the endpoint POST /render/:templateID is requested to generate a report with the production API key
and the JSON dataset size is lower or equal to 800KB
and images size to download are lower or equal to 800KB (only when dynamic pictures are included into your reports).
If you consume extra credits, it will be charged and reset at the end of the billing period.

Credit Usage Example

A JSON data-set of :
- 500KB = 1 credits
- 1000KB = 2 credits
- 1000KB + images size of 3000KB = 5 credits

You can find your credit usage on the home page of your account:
Subscription panel: Usage during the billing period of your subscription
Analytics panel: Usage during a hourly/daily/monthly period

Updated on: 12/14/2022

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